If you are interested

in becoming involved with YEA! as a guest speaker, field-trip host, or volunteer, contact Chaz Freutel at 

Cell: 614-989-2429

Email: YEAGoOhio@gmail.com


A big thank you to our founding sponsors, who have helped bring YEA! to Pickaway County.


Through their interactions with business professionals during the year, YEA! students gain some of the most important knowledge and experience they need to succeed. Local professionals volunteer their time and expertise as guest speakers, mentors, investors, graphic designers, field trip hosts, business plan reviewers, and much more. The time YEA! students spend with adults who encourage their futures is invaluable, and participants often report getting even more out of their participation than they put in to it!

YEA Investor Panel

Can the Young Entrepreneurial Academy (YEA) students use their slick product pitches & solid business plans to survive the INVESTOR PANEL

Find out at this OCUBIC styled Shark Tank Event.

The Young Entrepreneurs Academy is a groundbreaking after-school program that transforms middle & high school students into confident entrepreneurs! Over the last 20 weeks, the YEA OCUBIC students have been hard at work honing their entrepreneurial skills while developing their own businesses from scratch. Working closely with Chaz Freutel, instructors and knowledgeable mentors, the students have worked extremely hard in preparation for this chance to have their "million dollar ideas" heard by an elite panel of investors.


The Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Investor Panel Event


Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Business Plan Presentations

will begin at 6:00 PM

Rev1 Ventures

1275 Kinnear Rd

Columbus, OH 43212


Join us for presentations by local 6-12th graders in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy to a panel of local investors in order to obtain funding for their new businesses and social movements.